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Kingsway Kar Komponents


Last revision: 30/01/2002
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As you are probably aware, full size American style Nascar racing is coming to the U.K. in 2001.
Known as Ascar (Anglo-American Stockcar Racing), this new formula can be seen at several tracks around Europe, including the brand new oval facility at Rockingham Motor Speedway near Corby, Northamptonshire!
A scale model version of this series is also taking place at various model car tracks across the country.
Kingsway Kar Komponents will be able to supply all your needs to be able to enjoy this new spectacular form of racing.
Please see below, some examples of the kits we can supply:-
YOKOMO GT- 4WRS (Includes engine)                                329.99
THUNDER TIGER TS-N (Single speed)                                179.99
                                        (Twin speed, w/o engine.)                214.90
SERPENT IMPULSE (Single speed, .12 engine)                279.00
KYOSHO PURE 10 4WD     (c/w GS 11R engine)               184.95
                                                  (c/w GS 11R engine)               279.99
.....These Kits come as standard, with a Touring car, or GT Body. - To race in the 1/10th scale ASCAR R/C SERIES you will have to purchase an ASCAR bodyshell for 17.95, or we can offer you the chance to swap the body from the kit, for an Ascar body for the special price of only 5.00
Kingsway Kar Komponents will keep a large stock of spares, hop-up parts, and accessories for these kits, and plan to continue our future support  of this new formula!
We can also supply a wide range of nitro engines required for this formula. Please call us for details and current prices.
If you wish to race in this series we suggest you join a club, so you can follow the B.R.C.A. Ascar R/C Racing rules. - Please click on the Image Links below for further information.
Please don't hesitate to contact Martin, at Kingsway Kar Komponents for further information!
Click here, to visit the OVALNET site, to find information on clubs you can join.
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